Monday, 9 January 2017

bulbs and the one that got away

I bought some hyacinth bulbs last year and this is how they've done. (Please ignore the filthy windows!) These are the pink ones.

These are the purple ones - not much difference between them, is there?

These are the red ones.

And these are the white ones - they're a wee bitty further on than this now (I took these photos last Friday).

I was a bit worried that all those hyacinths would be really powerful together scent-wise but they're not. The smell is absolutely glorious!

We've also had success with an amaryllis plant that I got out of Aldi's for half price - all of £1.49.

I'm not really much of a plant person - I like them well enough but I'm not that good at looking after them. I'm obviously not bad at looking after hyacinths and amaryllises! Go me. :o)

Around this time every year, I seem to post a similar photo. This is Christmas decoration that wins "the one that got away" prize this year.

This is the dining room door out to the garden. We're in this room every single day - in fact, we eat all our meals in here! I don't know how we didn't spot it earlier! There's always one! LOL

Monday, 2 January 2017

this year

• This year I'm going to really try and not let what other people do bother me. Actually, it's more them *not* doing something that I get bothered about. Well, no more! I'm fed up expecting people to do what they should do and being hurt when they don't. I know that sounds like Double Dutch but I know what I'm talking about and writing it down will hopefully remind me to stop bothering.

• This year I'm going to be kinder to myself. I have voices in my head - not in the "she needs help" kind of way, honest! 😜 These voices will not let up with the "why are you doing that?" or "are you happy with that?" or "isn't that a waste of money?" questions which have always made me doubt myself. Well, no more! If I want to make something just for the hell of it, I'm going to do it and the voices in my head can just shut up because I am NOT going to be listening any more!

• This year I'm going to live by these words which I saw on a poster in the bookshop in Alnwick when we were there in 2015.

• This year I'm going to be living without my mobile phone. It died on me in December - and I didn't even notice! There's no shame to it as it's the second version of the iPhone so is very old - as mobiles go. Not quite the size of a car battery as Douglas's first mobile phone was but not far off it! Anyway, we had a look at new iPhones and, yeah, at £370, that's just not going to be happening any time soon. It would be different if I actually used my phone but I don't. Many times I've gone to switch it to silent when I go to Singers' rehearsal only to find it's still on silent from the week before. Woops! So no texting or phoning for me in 2017. And, you know what? I couldn't care less about that! There's a certain freedom there and I'm looking forward to it!

• This year, there are a few things we're looking forward - a new baby being the most important one. Debbie is keeping well - just over 7 weeks to go now. I'll keep you updated!

• This year is going to be a good year. Bring it on!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

books read in 2016

Just posting this before the year ends. Another busy book-reading year!